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» 8 Keys to Attract Good Energy Today ~

8 Keys to Attract Good Energy Today ~


8 Keys to Attract Good Energy Today

by Alexandra Harra

Your mind, body, and soul are composed purely of energy. For this reason, what you feel translates into how you feel. And if you often feel sick, depressed, anxious, or afraid, your energy may be dispersed in too many directions, causing chaotic emotions and reactions. When you become stuck in a lower vibration, you struggle to see your way out. But you can easily raise your energetic level to realign yourself with good health, peace of mind, and the ultimate truth of your potential. Follow these eight simple, daily steps to banish destructive cycles and draw in a healing, productive dynamic:

Wake up with the right energy

The way you begin your day is the way you will maintain your day. Don't lock yourself into a low energy as soon as you wake up by thinking, "I have so many problems, this is going to be a bad day." Understand that you have the power to foster positivity throughout your day. Affirm to yourself each morning, "Today, I am in control. Today, good things are happening to me. Today is the day that begins to change all other days for the better."

Cut off negative influences

Often it's not our own energy that's low, but the toxic vibes of others that disrupt our well-being. Take a moment to think about how certain people in your life are affecting you: Are they draining you mentally and emotionally? Are their actions having adverse effects on you? Relationships are supposed to replenish your energy, not deplete it. Have no remorse in cutting off people who cause you more harm than good.

Recognize your power

Stop thinking that you're some weak person who has no control over their circumstances. Your energy is the most incredible element about you. Recognize that you're equipped with the ability to change anything with which you're unhappy and create a greater reality. Your inner strength automatically picks up as you strive for new beginnings.

Stay still

You must learn to work with universal energy, not against it. When things just aren't going your way, sit still and allow a more favorable energy to return. Like the tides of the ocean, energy ebbs and flows. And sometimes the universe is doing us a great service by not giving us what we want when we want it. So if you're constantly trying and failing, take a step back and wait for the right energy in the right time.

Heal yourself

Miracles can't manifest until you've unclogged your energy of hurtful memories and negative emotions. Forgive and detach. Leave everything that has damaged you in your past. Sometimes it's as simple as telling a person that you're releasing their energy from your life. Other times, spending time among nature or playing with children can act as soothing reminders of the most beautiful forms of energy in our world.

Act in good faith

Incoming and outgoing energies must match. You can't expect to receive great energy if the one you give off is terrible. Act on principle: Even if someone has done something wrong to you, don't retaliate. Let karma address it. Turn in another direction and refocus your attention. Work hard, take care of others and yourself, and steer clear of complicated situations -- these three principles will never fail to keep your energy pure and clean.

Write a letter of intent

Write out your intentions: How do you want to change your energy for the better? Do you want to improve your health, find a new love relationship, or attract more money? Pour your heart's desire into words and release your letter into the universe. Don't forget to thank it as if your wishes have already been granted. You can throw the letter in a river or plant it beneath a tree. Believe that the divine will respond to your every energetic need.

As spiritual beings, our possibilities are unlimited. But we have to acknowledge our energetic force in order to elevate it and reach our goals. Live by these eight keys to shift your energy today and watch as your world responds kindly in return.

To great energy,
Alexandra Harra

Courtesy to: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/8-keys-to-attract-good-en_b_7457144

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